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Between joy and pain

My slave is so infatuated with my tasty jeansbutt. That's the reason he's awaiting me happily after I ordered him to join me today! But to be true, I've only prepared a lesson to teach him the cruelty of his object of desire. So I sit down on his face and burnish his weak skin with the rough fabric of my tight blue jeans. Of course it's painful for him, but that's the origin of my pure joy and that's all I care about! He can't enjoy my outfit, as my sexy jeansbutt steals his breathing air. To cause him even more pain, I turn around to push my jeanspussy on his mouth and nose until he moans from pain for me, just like he should.


Amanda L
Amanda L. wants to sit at his face
I'll take you face as my seat
Trinity's ass at his fucking mug!
My jeans ass tortures him soo bad!