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Last update: 2023-09-10
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Jeans Facesitting is his new challenge!

The slave looks quite perplexed. Lady Luciana has just threatened to sit on his face with her jeans ass . She follows through on the threat and takes a seat with her ass in the middle of his face! There under her jeans the slave now gets much less air than he did before. This is a challenge, but now he must make do without oxygen, because Lady Luciana expects that from him. Moreover, she doesn't see a reason to get up from his face any time soon. She sits firmly on his slave face and enjoys her new comfortable seat!

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Hanna & Jane

Rating: 10.00

The stopwatch reveals the result!

Queen Hanna and Mistress Jane have returned from a walk with their slave mutt and now they want to play a game with him. He has to lie down on the floor and let Mistress Jane and Queen Hanna take turns sitting on his face with their jeans asses. The two want to test under whose jeans ass the slave can hold his breath the longest. The stopwatch reveals the result!

The most favourite Jeanssitting.com Update


Rating: 10.00

Wet sweaty jeans on his face!

Goddess Yasemin took the slave for a walk on a leash and he got really sweaty. But he wasn't alone! Goddess Yasemin worked up a sweat too and shows him where by sitting her ass down in the middle of his face. Her wet jeans press firmly over his mouth and nose so he can feel how damp they are and how hot it is between her legs. Well, how does it feel, slave?!

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