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Last update: 2023-05-14
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Hanna & Jane

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Shoe-shine boy becomes jeans ass victim

The shoe-shine slave secretly stares at the jeans ass of Queen Hanna.... Fortunately, Mistress Jane noticed this and was able to tell her best friend. The slave should clean the shoes of the two inconspicuously with his face down. But now Mistress Jane and Queen Hanna have a great desire to punish him for his peeping. As he betrayed his desires with his behavior he now gets the jeans asses pressed into the middle of his face. Mistress Jane and Queen Hanna now take turns sitting on him and take his breath away!

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Rating: 10.00

Jeans ass, very close

The slave secretly looked at the jeans ass of Goddess Yasemin without her permission. Every time she turned her jeans ass to him, he couldn't look anywhere else. Goddess Yasemin realizes this and shows the slave her jeans ass very close now! He has to lie down on the floor and she sits down in the middle of his face. This is as close as he always wanted to get to her ass but now it becomes uncomfortable for him...

The most favourite Jeanssitting.com Update


Rating: 10.00

Jeans facesitting for as long as she wants

Princess Serena makes the slave her personal seat cushion. Her jeans ass wants to sit comfortably, so she takes a seat on his face! Now she stays sitting on him. Only occasionally does she allow the slave to take a breath, standing up briefly from his face. But not always! If the princess wants to stay seated, she stays seated...

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