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Last update: 2018-10-12
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Rating: 4.00

Jeanssitting hell

Mistress Amy pushes her sexy ass onto the slave's face. This keeps him quiet so Mistress Amy can fully concentrate on his suffering. She wants to torture him with her denim-clad ass today. She grins her sexy jeans ass hard onto his face, firmly conering his mouth and nose. He is in pain... and then? What is the mistress doing now? She gyrates her hips and then sits down hard with all her weight on his head! The slave goes through jeanssitting hell, Making Mistress Amy really horny!

The most favourite Jeanssitting.com Update


Rating: 9.89

It's not comfortable - but efficient!

Cora doesn't think that his face is very comfortable but that doesn't matter... she wants to sit down at him because this is a very efficient method to dominate him with her jeans butt!

The most favourite Jeanssitting.com Update


Rating: 9.89

Cheyenne punishes him with jeanssitting ignorance

Jeanssitting - this is a very adequate punishment for this guy! Cheyenne wears very tight and rough jeans on purpose so she can sit down at his face and torture him with them. But besides this he won't get any more attention! She prefers to phone with her girlfriend instead and ignores him...!

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