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Last update: 2023-01-20
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Jeans facesitting after shopping

After her shopping trip, Queen Hanna asks her slave what he notices about her? Does he see anything different? Whether he should expect reward or punishment depends on his answer. Queen Hanna sits on his face and squeezes the air out of him with her denim covered ass. She stays on top of him as long as she sees fit. Will the slave contribute to Queen Hanna's recovery after this long day?

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That's the way he is used for jeanssitting!

Jessica has to overpower the guy before she can use him the way she likes it... but this is not a big problem! Only few moments later she already sits down with her jeans ass at his face and prevents him from breathing anymore...!

The most favourite Jeanssitting.com Update


Rating: 9.87

Jamie-Kate's jeanssitting punishment

Jamie-Kate wants more! It's not enough that her slave lies bound at the ground in front of her... After all she wanted to have a nice evening and to watch some DVDs with her friend... But again he has chosen the wrong movie! Jamie-Kate is royally pissed because she has not get her way and now her friend has to pay for it - with some nasty jeanssitting of course! She is pressing her ass in tight jeans at his face and takes his ability to breathe! Jamie-Kate is very angry! The tough jeans fabric shall squash his nose!

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