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Last update: 2021-04-30
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Her jeans ass on slave girl face

Mistress Roxana finishes off her female slave with her jeans ass. She can't escape her and has to endure it as Mistress Roxana sits down with her jeans ass on her face. The female slave tries to resist but her mistress has her totally under control. With her hot, tight ass she finishes her female slave off and doesn't let her go!

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Rating: 10.00

See nothing, no air and a sexy jeans ass on the face

Mistress Zora has already finished her slave so incredibly that he is no longer able to do anything. He lies completely exhausted on the floor - but for Mistress Zora this is no reason to let him go! She changes her approach especially to give him the most terrible day of his life! His failed existence has to be punished harshly and right away. Mistress Zora stands over him, his head clamped between her feet and comes closer and closer to his face with her hot jeans ass. He can see nothing, has no air and the sexy jeans ass of his mistress isfirmly on the face. I wonder how long he can stand it?!

The most favourite Jeanssitting.com Update

Jane & Zora

Rating: 10.00

Jeans facesitting - it always can get worse!

Right, left, right, left... this is how the two mistresses give him a few juicy slaps to the face! But there's more to the plan that that. Mistress Jane and Mistress Zora bring him down and sit with their jeans asses in the middle of his face. Now it becomes even harder for the slave. With the asses of his mistresses on his face he is subject to a strict breathing ban. While one mistress sits on his face he is tortured by the other mistress. Repeat the slogan: It always can get worse!

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