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Rating: 9.43

Borderline experiences through hot jeans facesitting

This hot smotherbox is Princess Serena's new seat and his slave face is the center of attention! The slave lies caught in it, defenceless. and has to bear the sexy denim ass of his mistress with his face. He must not breathe and must not see anything when Prinxess Serena completely covers his face with her sexy jeans ass. The rough fabric presses itself painfully into his face but the dominant princess doesn't care about that at all because all she wants to sit comfortably and she is doing that now while the slave, beneath her ass collects borderline experiences for the rest of his miserable life!


Jane & Layla
Harsh jeans sitting and ass smelling
Jamie-Kate punishes the loser with facesitting
The jeans ass at the face of the idiot!
Jana H
Come on, smell my jeans