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Rating: 8.00

Brutal facesitting in her tightest jeans!

You have never seen such tight jeans before! Goddess Vanny sits down on his face in these incredibly hard jeans ass and simply takes the air out of his lungs! Her jeans are extremely tight and hard. They roughly cut into his face, covering his mouth and nose. Under her jeans ass he simply has no way to breathe! In order to make him suffer especially hard today, Goddess Vanny took her tightest jeans out of the closet and wore them for her slave. With this brutal jeans sitting the slave has nothing to laugh about. It is pure torture!


Facesitting in hard, tight jeans!
He wears my jeans ass on his face (ft. Lady Nora)
Jeans facesitting for as long as she wants
Hanna & Jane
First fixed, then double facesitting in jeans!