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Rating: 8.94

Faye likes jeanssitting very much!

Faye has bound this guy and ordered him to put his head at the armchair. Then she just sits down at his face with her jeans ass and starts to ignore him while playing with her smartphone! Her tight brown jeans are pressing against his face and she doesn't allow him to breathe! He tries to turn his head to get some air... but then Faye decides that it is much more fun to continue the jeanssitting at the ground! Therefore she dumps the loser at the floor and immediately starts to sit down at him and to smother him again!


Date Comment Rating Username
2015-05-22 really nice! Awesome!!! waffel
He loves to be a cushion
Aileen Taylor
Aileen Taylor in jeans - smother box face sitting
Public jeanssitting with Livia
Jeanssitting at his face