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Rating: 8.57

Jeans ass on his slave mug

It's the slave's own fault that he has to suffer so much! If he shows up without prior warnin, Queen Hanna will show no mercy and punish him accordingly. She sits her jeans ass down on his face and takes his breath away. Immediately, she takes his money off him and continues to sit on his face. Her jeans ass covers it completely. But he still has to pay! If Queen Hanna wants to spend his money, then he is her financier! She empties his whole wallet and can hardly believe what a pathetic poor loser he is. Reason enough to punish him further with hard jeans sitting!


Hanna & Jane
Two jeans mistresses sitting on his face
This jeans ass should hurt her
Nicole N
Hard facesitting against his will
I like to sit on your face - it's comfortable!