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Jeanssitting slave of Mistress Jane!

The slave lies firmly tied up on the floor and Mistress Jane can now do what she wants with him. So she does! Wearing jeans, she sits down on his face and uses the him as a new seat cushion. Her ass covers his mouth and nose. He can't breathe any more, bu he's just a cushion so he doesn't have to! As long as she remains sitting on him he has to get by without breathing air. In addition, there's the pain element. Facesitting with these short jeans is very painful for the slave, because they're rough and abrasive against his face. But of course the mistress doesn't care! That is the fate of a facesitting slave and he will be used accordingly.


Empress Cruel
Empress Cruel - Levis Jeanssitting
Jeanssitting with mistress Alea
Severe Zara orders him to be her jeanssitting slave
No breathing!