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Rating: 8.36

Loser endures his facesitting fate

The slave brought his fate upon himself! Goddess Liana has no pity for his stupidity and does not accept having no seat for her sexy jeans ass. The slave now suffers for that and his face must act as a subsitute seat. Goddess Liana uses him as a chair and sits down with her jeans ass right on his face. There she makes herself comfortable and torments the loser under her ass. He quickly regrets his incompetence and tries to apologize to his goddess, but she doesn't give a shit. The only thing that counts for her is a comfortable place for her butt. That's what the loser's head is best suited for!


Amy & Zora
Jeanssitting and leg scissors!
Lynn K & Nina
That's the way he is being punished!
Brutal facesitting in her tightest jeans!
MILF Viktoria puts him to silence!