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Rating: 10.00

Princess Serena - Jeans facesitting: If you're not going to listen, you must feel!

The slave has already spent some time with Princess Serena, who has tested and challenged him extensively. He has some catching up to do when it comes to breath reduction, which is why Princess Serena now simply sits down in the middle of his face! She tied him up beforehand so that she could press her fantastic jeans ass firmly onto his face. The slave doesn't even know what's happening to him... never mind! That's enough breathing for now! Princess Serena takes a seat and stays on him for a long time...


Coco rides his face with the music
Anna B. & Mia B
Double slave-stool facesitting
Amy & Zora
Jeanssitting and leg scissors!
Lynn K & Nina
That's the way he is being punished!