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Rating: 9.12

Punishment for the boyfriend of her friend

For Zoe's submissive boyfriend the time has come for a punishment - today. What is it she learnt about him? That he was flirting with other women, even having an affair? Zoe never liked him, so she now humiliates him by sitting on his face. She always wished to knock the stuffing out of him - now it's her chance to do it. And woe betide him if he dares to resist her. Then his girlfriend will learn what she knows about him! What a loser!


Date Comment Rating Username
2015-04-25 I cannot get enough of this girl! x Awesome!!! Markjeans
Loser boyfriend is punished
Hard jeanssitting for the loser!
He smells Lady Nora's jeans ass!
Jeans facesitting after shopping