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Smell my revenge, asshole!

Awkward fools like him always think they could do shit to every women at will! Today I'll take this kidding to an end! This macho will get hammered now. He gets the reward for his cowardly lies, for every pain he's caused to me! I'll beat him down in only one session and start pushing my jeansass with full weight and power on his ugly visage until the fear and pressure leave him breathless. His foolish attempts to apologize are creeping down my ass–crack and get lost in my butt. I don't give a shit about his words, as it's too late for that! I will make him suffer from air reduction as long as I feel the need to beneath my jeansass and he'll inhale my scent every time he breathes in!


Facesitting and Buttdrops
He shall never forget this facesitting lesson! - with POV
Jeanssitting with her full weight!
With her jeans ass on his face