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Jeanssitting diva Jamie-Kate

Rating: 9.21

The consistent jeanssitting of Jamie-Kate

Jamie-Kate is completely bugged by her friend! One good way to show him that he is a dickhead is to sit down at his face with her sexy jeans ass! She wears some dark, tight jeans which are very rough - So her friend has to suffer very bad! Jamie-Kate doesn't like his chin because it is very bony - but that's no reason to stop! She continues to smother him as long as she likes it...!


Date Comment Rating Username
2015-08-01 love the jeans and halter, great sitting too. Awesome!!! waffel
Tina D
Loser becomes a seat pad
This jeans facesitting session is his doom!
Enslaves by the boss
Jeanssitting humiliation of mistress Kim