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Rating: 8.71

This jeans facesitting session is his doom!

Bratty Jenny-Nina is going to expose this slave. She uses his mobile phone to some explosive pictures of him, recording how he lies with his face under her hot jeans ass. Now his old lady will receive impressive proof of what a loser he really is. Always look happy for the camera, slave. You have fun down there! His wife has surely never seen him like this before. Up to this point he was able to keep his submissive tendencies from her but that's over now. Bratty Jenny-Nina subjects him to a hard facesitting session and demands to know who else she could send the photos to. She would change his whole life with them while she sits with her jeans ass on his face. She would ruin his whole life with this just for fun!


Joanna's jeans test
Getting the stuffing knocked out of him under her jeans ass
Jeans ass pressed on face
Janina shows the slave his destiny...!