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Rating: 6.75

Twosome on the useless slave body

Queen Hanna and Mistress Jane have their slave lying on the floor in front of them. He is stuck with his head firmly locked in the smotherbox. This of course directly invites the two mistresses to sit on his face with their asses. While one sits with her jeans ass on his face, the other makes herself comfortable on his upper body and vice versa. The slave must serve Queen Hanna and Mistress Jane dutifully and without question - no matter whether they sit on him or stand on him!


Extensive seat cushion testing (ft. Lady Nora)
Hanna & Jane
Queen Hanna and Mistress Jane - seat for two sexy jeans asses
Mistress Roxana - The new jeans belong on her face
Lady Nora - Breath reduction under my jeans ass