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Last update: 2016-07-31
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Blonde Kira

Rating: 6.60

Hard agony by jeans for that loser!

Kira loves to torture this loser and put on her jeans for that. WIth that jeans she sits down on his face and takes away his breathing air, and the fissures of her jeans should hurt him really bad and squeeze him. At least she allows him to take some deep breaths inbetween, before she sits down again on his face with her jeansbutt.

The most favourite Jeanssitting.com Update


Rating: 10.00

Sexy jeanssitting with Anfisa

Anfisa has bound her slave with a rope and now she threatens him with her jeans ass! She wears tight blue jeans and just looks awesome! Slowly she comes closer to his head with her ass - until she sits down right at the middle of his face and prevents him from breathing anymore this way. Anfisa tries lot of different positions because she wants to find out which is the best technique to sit down with her hot jeans ass at his face!

The most favourite Jeanssitting.com Update


Rating: 10.00

Jeansfacesitting with Alita

Sexy blonde Alita is riding on your ugly face. During that she's wearing her tight jeans! She smothers you with her gorgeous ass!

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