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Rating: 9.88

Jamie-Kate's jeanssitting punishment

Jamie-Kate wants more! It's not enough that her slave lies bound at the ground in front of her... After all she wanted to have a nice evening and to watch some DVDs with her friend... But again he has chosen the wrong movie! Jamie-Kate is royally pissed because she has not get her way and now her friend has to pay for it - with some nasty jeanssitting of course! She is pressing her ass in tight jeans at his face and takes his ability to breathe! Jamie-Kate is very angry! The tough jeans fabric shall squash his nose!


Date Comment Rating Username
2015-04-11 I always love the POV shots here :) Jamie-Kate is one of my favourites! Awesome!!! Markjeans
2015-04-08 I like her halter top, slave tied up, pov great facesitting, good face expressions. nice! Awesome!!! waffel
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